I think I’m going to like this place. No, I know I will.


Couldn’t sleep. Too excited. Major butterflies (and knots!) for what code school would be like.

I’m in the back end web development course using Ruby on Rails. The general schedule for the course will be as follows:

The goal of day one was to get introduced to some of my classmates, understand that we’re going to be pushed beyond our comfort zone during the course (which is okay - that’s where the best learning happens), and most importantly to ship code before the day was up.

We hit the ground running learning the history of HTML (and the internet - which has come a long way since the 50s). Learning the history first worked to lay the foundation for appreciating the art and purpose of web development. We then covered some basic HTML and CSS before breaking for a provided lunch. The homework was fairly straight forward, but I already know more than I did before! Yay!