early projects

  • tiy - where art thou (final project)

    where.art.thou isn't just your typical online marketplace for buying and selling art, because where.art.thou is all about the WHERE. This app helps users support artists in their local community by prioritizing art by location, while also allowing users to filter by preferences, save favorite pieces, contact artists, and checkout with ease via Stripe.

    BUILT WITH: ruby on rails, stripe (ecommerce) api, react, bootstrap

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  • tiy - slack clone

    Slack is a popular team-based communication application. This app is a basic clone of Slack.

    BUILT WITH: bootstrap, ruby on rails, json api, react

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  • tiy - the iron library

    The Iron Library was an on-going project during my tenure at The Iron Yard Houston. This rails app 'scrapes' books from Amazon using the ruby mechanize gem, creates inventory in a postgreSQL database, and allows users to purchase books via Stripe.

    BUILT WITH: material design lite (mdl), ruby on rails, json api, react

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  • tiy - catter chatter

    Twitter was originally built using rails. Rails offers a quick option for developing web-based applications. The web loves cats...
    It's twitter for all things cat!

    BUILT WITH: html5, sass, bootstrap, ruby on rails

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  • tiy - reddit clone

    Ever felt like reddit looks so 2000 and late? Solution - a reddit clone with a neater, simpler design. This web-based app was a weekend assignment at the Iron Yard and demonstrates the BUILT WITH: learned in the first five weeks of intensive coursework.

    BUILT WITH: html5, sass, mdl, ruby on rails, erb, ruby gems (mechanize)

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